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Unlocking the Truth: Metal Dreamers

There are a lot of talented singers and bands out there waiting to be “discovered,” and I’m sure they dream of signing a  million dollar record deal. Most of these artists are usually in their late […]

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A.F. Vandevorst: A Dynamic Duo

In every relationship there exists a dynamic that is keenly communicated through affection, trust, adventure and a little spontaneity. But what happens to that relationship when the person you come home to at the end of […]

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Moises Vasquez: On Point

You probably don’t know who Moises Vasquez is and you may not for a while. But his art is definitely worth talking about. With just the use of a pencil, Vasquez is able to create vivid […]

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M.C. Lyte: ‘Reppin the Ladies

I remember the epiphanic moment when I discovered what “M.C.” meant literally. Listening to “Midnight Marauders” by A Tribe Called Quest, I gathered that “M.C.” stood for “master of ceremonies” Sure, it seems kind of simple […]

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Jayson Musson: Urban Satire

Can anything be transformed into art? Jayson Musson, an abstract artist from New York, proves that “art” can be created with a simple webcam and an idea of satirically criticizing modern art. If you haven’t heard […]