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Chicago Love: A Call to Action

The long lines inside The Plaza Theater indicated just how timely the screening was. People from all over the state of Georgia had come to see the documentary. Despite being from various backgrounds, professions and ethnicities, […]

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Austin Lee: Digital Transference

Whenever you’re fiddling with your mobile devices, normally you’re using it for entertainment, personal edification, or just to pass the time. However, technology is not just a means for absorbing information. It can be used as […]

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A City Crying for Chino

I’m a firm believer that wherever you are in life, you’re there for a purpose. In some cases even, when you think you’re somewhere for one purpose, there is another separate purpose that you have to […]

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Heidi Silmane: Fashion Chronicles

Known for his design of menswear skinny jeans, Heidi Slimane a fashion designer and photographer now works for Yves Saint Laurent, as the creative director.  It was in the winter of 2001 when he participated in […]

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Léa Nielsen: Puzzling Polaroids

A picture is worth a thousand words, but what people are really trying to do with those words is enter the mind of the artist. Freelance photographer, Léa Nielsen, has captured many thought-provoking photos throughout her […]