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Cain Caser: Recreating the Perspective

Recycling plastic bottles, aluminum cans and paper is a crucial aspect to our society, but what about recycling art?  Taking apart a piece of art and creating something new, gives a fresh perspective to the audience […]

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Argyleculture: Hip Hop Prestige

Most people know Russell Simmons as one of the co-founders of Def Jam Records and a preeminent figure in the world of hip hop. In addition to being a hip hop pioneer, he is an author, […]

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Matt Adnate: Share My Vision

The eyes are what really captured me when I was looking through the works of Matt Adnate. Before I read anything about his influences or his motivations or even his background, I could just tell that […]

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Jussie Smollett: Grounded in Perseverance

When Buzzfeed, a news and social media content company, known for their popular personality quizzes, asked him what his most recent Google search was, he replied succinctly and honestly: “My favorite poet, Langston Hughes.” With his […]

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Joss Stone: A Voice of Stone

Almost everyone has some sort of talent. Some talents are weird or quirky, like a few of mine. One I’ll share is that I can twist the top of my thumb backwards. Weird, right? Most talents […]