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Vena Cava: Flowers In Brooklyn

As singer Christina Aguliera puts it: Fashion is a lifestyle. This concept is lived and breathed by two close friends that have turned their love of fashion and fun into a well oiled career. “We just […]

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Ivanka Trump: About Business

With the looks of a supermodel and her father’s last name, it’s easy to assume she has coasted through life on beauty and extremely good fortune. But truth be told, she’s a workaholic. In fact, she […]

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Flying Lotus: Sonic Revelations

The moment when a soul leaves the body is depicted in a weird-ass video that might just make you shed a tear. The music video portrays the funeral of two adolescent children, amidst the mourning family […]

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Barzolff: Art, More Precious than Gold

A man of many talents doesn’t even begin to describe David Nicolas, or as most may know him, an artist more formally known as Barzolff. He works in a range of media including graffiti, 3D animation, […]

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Mike Stilkey: A Page Turning Artist

  I remember my visits to the library when I was a child quite vividly. My favorite part was the hunt of going through the aisles of books and having hundreds to choose from. I meticulously […]