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Arthur Arbesser: Weaving Urban Fabric

Hearing the word “fashion,” I immediately think of super-thin models strutting down a runway in the most impractical outfits. High fashion is something that, at times, eludes us and makes us feel like “the commoners” of […]

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Jenny Morgan: Faces of Vulnerability

Layering different colors and textures on top of one another is a tactic that can be used to convey varying emotions or feelings, or a way to highlight one thing and deemphasize another. One very talented […]

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Mike Maxwell: The Route to Freedom

Wouldn’t it be cool if we could write down or even draw something about our dreams when we woke up? Many artists have experimented with using their “dream worlds” as an inspiration, and Mike Maxwell is […]

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Nina Sky: Sister Act

I’ve often been envious of my sister’s singing voice. While I prefer singing in the shower with the running water drowning out my tone-deaf tune, I’ve thought my sister could easily fill an auditorium full of […]

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Dr. Courtney Hammonds: Quality Pieces to Reinvent Your Wardrobe

Article By Va Mag Fashion Editor|Dr. Courtney A. Hammonds August 2014 | @c_a_hammonds Reform By building a wardrobe full of uncomplicated, classic and timeless pieces not only will you always have something appropriate to wear but […]