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Cynthia Mak: Fusion Fashion

Many of us fail to realize that fashion is not just about looking cute – it’s a serious art form. From the sketchbook to the sewing machine, the process of creating a clothing line requires great […]

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Seether: Compassion from South Africa

Growing up we strive to follow our crazy dreams of becoming a doctor, a famous painter, or the next big rock star. Members of the aggressive sounding band, Seether, were raised similarly to you and I, […]

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Dhaval Khatri: No Excuses

Trials and tribulations are certainties in this journey that we call life. These inevitable valleys and peaks are what help build and develop our character. The people that tend to be the happiest and most successful […]

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Ferrari Sheppard: The Viral Truth

People are often afraid of the truth because of the outcome, whether it be judgment or disappointment. Being honest with the world will make some either hate or love that truth-teller, but if the words being […]

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Daryll Peirce: Painting Metaphors

Can contradictions within ourselves and society ever truly be harmonious? Artist Daryll Peirce explores this concept with an incredibly unique perspective. “Through art I am free to pendulate between absolutes that define us such as optimism […]