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Starshell, is the first female artist to join Mary J. Blige’s Matriarch record label.

The singer/songwriter has worked behind the scenes with some of the industry’s top names before launching her solo career. The ghost writer transitions into the spotlight after writing “Love Lockdown,” for Kanye West, she was also featured in the Oscar-nominated film “Precious.” Starshell has played a role behind the scenes for quite some time. She helped to create MJB’s songs “I Can See in Color,” and “Closer.”

Starshell, 21, a.k.a., LaNeah Menzies is already being called a pop goddess. Starshell is a native of Lowell, Mass.; she released her first single “Superlova,” earlier this month. The video for the single is inspired by Cyndi Lauper’s “Girls Just Want to Have Fun,” and the 1985 sci-fi flick “Weird Science.”

Starshell said the concept of the video came from the idea of creating a perfect mate or “Superlova.”

“The lead stud in my video created his perfect woman. I come to him and take him into my world, where I can be the sexy home girl, the fun party girl, the super hero magical sexy woman of your dreams and the diva,” said Starshell in a Pop Eater interview.

“Superlova,” was created by Lady Gaga’s producer Fernando Garibay. Starshell has also worked with Ne-yo, Ron Fair, Scott Storch and

The singer’s style can fit into just about any genre of music. On Starshell’s website she states that she listens to several different types of music.

“I listened to No Doubt (the American rock band) and Reasonable Doubt by Jay Z. I listened to Alanis Morissette and “Share My World,” by Mary. Does that make me R&B? Hip-Hop? Alternative? Pop?”

Starshell said she would rather appeal to a diverse audience than targeting her music to one specific demographic.

“My generation is a melting pot of all this stuff. What I don’t want is to be pigeonholed as this or that. I’m simply taking what I like and infusing it with new things, then taking the music in another direction…,” she said.

“You get in the right circle or the wrong ones and you pull from everywhere. I’d hook up with producers and write to their tracks. I loved writing. I learned how to do ProTools. I was meeting a lot of people in the music industry.”

Kendu Isaacs, of Matriarch Records and husband of Mary J. Blige discovered Starshell’s talent. The singer is receiving a majority of her direction from the two entrepreneurs.

“I fell in love with her passion and drive,” Kendu says. “I could hear what she was trying to do on her demo. I saw past the raw vocals and production. I was impressed that she did it all on her own. So I asked her if she was signed to a production company or a record label…”

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 -Jaya Franklin

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