Ween is defined as “to think, or suppose” according to dictionary.com. Mark Paul Deren, most notably known as MADSTEEZ, is a California-based visual artist and designer who decided to use the word “ween” as a way he ought to paint the world as he sees it while doodling in a meeting at work where, despite the fact that he could only see it through one of his eyes. The word became a name for the characters in his work, starting in that mundane meeting, and now he incorporates the word “ween” in most of his works to distinguish them beyond their unique color schemes and unconventional concepts. MADSTEEZ is that kid in kindergarten who colored outside of the lines: “I got a D in art class 101,” he actually admits in an interview with video-sharing site Vimeo,” because I didn’t do the right lighting methods.” MADSTEEZ failing art is the equivalent to Albert Einstein failing Algebra, or Michael Jordan being cut from the high school basketball team, but the funny thing about it is, all these things are true. Realizing your genius has no timetable, and MADSTEEZ has proven that genius also knows no bounds.

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