The Va Mag internship program first began in 2010. College students and recent graduates from Georgia area colleges and universities like: Georgia State, Clark Atlanta, Spelman, SCAD, UGA, Clayton State University and many more, have participated in the program. We have taken on aspiring journalism students with little to no writing experience and coached them through the writing, reporting and interviewing process. Our interns learn to write compelling stories on deadline, while using credible sources and tapping into their creativity. They also gain college course credit for their participation in the program.

Va Mag Alumni

Tasha Hayes ‘18

College: B.A., English, University of West Georgia

The Va Mag Internship Experience: My VA Mag internship lasted for about six months from June 2018 to January 2019. After graduating college I was looking for an experience to fine-tune my writing skills. This internship allowed me to connect with local creatives and introduced me to the Atlanta art scene. The articles I wrote often took me out of my comfort zone and pushed me to new heights as a writer. After completing this internship I feel that the skills I’ve learned will continue to help me in my career as a writer. This experience made me understand that I didn’t have to limit my creativity. As a writer, I’m now comfortable writing about any topic that comes my way. I appreciate VA mag for allowing me to grow as a writer. I look forward to taking what I’ve learned during this internship and applying it to the next opportunity that comes my way.

Crysta Jones, Va Mag Alumni

Crysta Jones ’17
College: B.A., Journalism, Georgia State University
The Va Mag Internship Experience: I wrote for Visionary Artistry Magazine from 2016 to 2017 during my Sophomore and Junior years at Georgia State University. Va Mag is the first platform that facilitated my transition as a Journalist. I learned how to meet deadlines, thoroughly research information for articles and write profile pieces. I wrote various stories on many underground and lesser-known creators, visual artists, musicians and designers. Recently, I began an internship at Creative Loafing Atlanta in 2018 for the Culture section. I also serve as a contributing writer for CL. I currently have another internship at the Beauty Consultant Magazine. I will graduate from Georgia State University in the Spring. I thank Va Mag for giving me a chance. 

Catherine Witherspoon, Va Mag Alumni
Catherine Witherspoon, Va Mag Alumni

Catherine Witherspoon ’14
College: B.A., Mercer University,  M.A. Syracuse University
The Va Mag Internship Experience: After completing a 15-month internship with Va Mag. Va Mag recommended Catherine to the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications at Syracuse University, where she studied broadcast and digital journalism. After graduation, Va Mag assisted Catherine in landing her dream job as a Communications Specialist at the International Association of Public Health Institutes at Emory University.

Geneva Toddy, Va Mag Alumni
Geneva Toddy, Va Mag Alumni

Geneva Toddy ’11
College: B.A., Journalism, Georgia State University
The Va Mag Internship Experience: Genny started working as an editorial intern for Va Mag during her junior year at GSU. After graduation, Va Mag assisted Genny in landing a job with Business Wire as a Newsroom Editor in San Francisco, California. One year later, she moved again to work in Business Wire’s Nashville, Tennessee office. Genny also served as Va Mag’s Assistant Editor. In 2012 she launched an online music magazine called Creative Control.

Blake Holmes, Va Mag Alumni
Blake Holmes, Va Mag Alumni

Blake Holmes ’13
College: B.A., Health Physical Education & Recreation, Alcorn State University
The Va Mag Internship Experience: When Blake began his internship with Va Mag, he was working as an attendant for the Chicago Park District. Now he serves as a Physical Instructor. “Writing has always been therapeutic for me. Learning about other people’s triumphs has given me extra motivation to chase my dreams as well. I started writing for Va Mag to keep my skills sharp, and ended up learning about people I would’ve never been introduced to.”

Stormm Van Rooi, Va Mag Alumni

Stormm Van Rooi, Va Mag Alumni

Stormm Van Rooi ’11
 B.A., Public Relations, Advertising and Applied Communication, Georgia State University
The Va Mag Internship Experience: Stormm began her internship with Va Mag during her junior year of college. Years later she was promoted to our A&E reporter. Although Stormm has a strong interest in writing, her passion is missionary work. She recently returned from Zimbabwe, after six months of voluntary mission work. While abroad, Stormm was able to establish a feeding program to support developing rural areas and provided administrative guidance and support to Mind the Gap, an orphanage in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. Previously, she worked in operations management in the private sector. Va Mag assisted Stormm in obtaining a position as an international program assistant for the International Association of Public Health Institutes. In this role, she works on web development, graphic design, and editorials. 

Courtney Blackann, Va Mag Alumni
Courtney Blackann, Va Mag Alumni

Courtney Blackann ’13
College: Masters of Professional Studies, Journalism, Georgetown University,
Youngstown State University, B.G.S.
The Va Mag Internship Experience:
I interned for VA Mag beginning December of 2013 and I was a weekly contributor until August of 2015. My time with VA Mag expanded my knowledge of feature writing, engaging in creative storytelling from multiple angles and working virtually with a team of editors to ensure the best work was being published. Guided by Jaya and Jay Franklin, I came away with a stronger skill set for writing in depth features.

(Right to Left) Golda Steinberg, Jaya Franklin and Stanley Walters
(Left to Right)
Va Mag Alumni Golda Steinberg, Jaya Franklin and Va Mag Alumni Stan Walters

Stan Walters ’11
College: Georgia State University, English Literature
The Va Mag Internship Experience: VA Mag provided me with a way to communicate great music and art. It was a pleasure working with Jay and Jaya. I also had the wonderful experience of getting feedback on my own articles by the artists and musicians themselves. Wonderful memories!

Elijah Yarbrough, Va Mag Alumni
Elijah Yarbrough, Va Mag Alumni
Devon Cotta, Va Mag Alumni
Va Mag Alumni Devon Cotta

Devon Cotta ’14
College: Kennesaw State University, B.A. in English, American Studies minor
Current Job: Freelance Writer
The Va Mag Internship Experience: I enjoyed creating content for Va Mag. While not always immediately intrigued in an assigned subject, researching gave me the opportunity to investigate and appreciate each genre of art and artist, and express their accomplishments in my own way. I believe this experience helped me grow as a writer, especially after realizing that someone I was writing about might actually read the article. This is much different than a professor reading your paper in an academic setting. After a music artist tweeted about reading one of my stories, it made me realize how far reaching words can be, and how powerful. Visionary Artistry magazine provided a great opportunity to build my writing portfolio and I had fun working with a contemporary platform.

Va Mag Alumni, Isabella Gomez

Isabella Gomez ’17
College: Georgia State University, B.A. in Journalism
Current Job: Social Discovery Intern, CNN/Freelance Writer, Teen Vogue
The Va Mag Internship Experience: I was an editorial intern for Va Mag during my sophomore year, and I loved covering art and culture events. I then went on to become a contributing editor for Unsweetened Magazine and News and Politics freelance contributor for Teen Vogue. Currently, I’m a Social Discovery intern at CNN. I’m looking forward to graduation and my future plans as a writer. I’m eternally grateful to the Va Mag team for believing in me as a journalist and giving me my first platform for self-expression. Writing for Va Mag gave me the freedom to find creative angles and tell stories in the best way possible. Jaya and Genny always encouraged me to find my own voice and connect with the subject however worked best for me. I not only learned how to strengthen my writing skills, but learned about so many artists and musicians I wouldn’t have discovered otherwise. They’re still some of my favorites today.

Va Mag Alumni, Chris Simmons

Chris Simmons ‘16

College: Clayton State University, A.A. Film Production ; Georgia Film Academy
Current Job: Film Production Assistant, Marvel Studios
The Va Mag Internship Experience:
Before interning with VA Mag, I had no concept of journalistic writing. I could write fiction or compose an A-Plus essay, but my true advanced writing skills were lacking. My weaknesses were exposed and corrected by VA Mag’s team and I’m stronger for it. Additionally, I gained so much exposure to art and music that I never would have discovered on my own. Stepping inside the mind of an artist, whether successful or still in the infancy of their career, has fueled my passions in ways I cannot explain. These days, I’m using my newly earned skills for writing screenplays and my first novel.

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