The word is usually an insult when used to describe a person (aside from a really good freestyle rapper, of course). But designer Mark McNairy wears it as a badge of honor. In fact, McNasty is his self-given nickname, and to say it has stuck is an understatement. It’s on his clothes, on his hats…it’s even spelled out in three-foot tall letters in his closet. His peers and anyone who’s been lucky enough to interview him will quickly tell you that he isn’t the friendliest guy in the world. If you see him in a photo or in person, there’s a good chance he isn’t smiling, or you’re getting a bird that doesn’t come with wings. You could say this explains the name. Still, there’s another reason why “Nasty” is so fitting to this man, and it’s not just because he seems cold as ice. It might just be because of his skills.

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