Close your eyes. Imagine that the weather is perfect and you’re in your favorite place with not a care in the world, a moment of pure bliss. That’s what I feel when listening to Eric Bellinger’s acoustic tracks. His vocal range is admirable. When his voice is paired with an acoustic guitar, the two become one and are in perfect harmony.

A picture is worth a thousand words, and 14 year old artist Sevy Marie Eicher speaks to people all over the world through her art work. Sevy was born with Down Syndrome in Sofia, Bulgaria. Although Bulgaria is a part of the EU, they are still ranked number two in the world for child institutions, right after Russia. She now lives in Texas with her adoptive mother, father, and three siblings.

While standing in line at the grocery store looking at magazines, 27-year old Liberian model, blogger and medical student Deddeh Howard decided she’d had enough. Despite having 10 years worth of modeling experience, agencies consistently rejected her because they already had a ‘black model.’ But that’s not what she saw as she gazed at fashion magazines in the check out line.

Alaya “Lay Lay” High, 11, preps by applying a fresh coat of lip gloss and delivers heat with the confidence of a seasoned rapper. She demonstrates raw talent through viral Instagram videos of her sitting in the front seat of her father’s car, spitting bars over famous beats like BlocBoy JB’s track “Shoot.”

We all know that being plus size isn’t welcomed with open arms in our society, let alone the fashion industry. As a result, plus size designers and models have taken matters into their own hands by designing their own clothes, and spreading awareness about their work through blogging, and putting on events to showcase their fashion. The Curvy Fashionista Style Expo, or TCF Style Expo, is an event held in Atlanta annually to celebrate plus size bodies in fashion.

As students across the country have gotten back into the swing of things, some still await their first day. One of the things kids always look forward to is meeting their new teachers, especially the art teachers. They are usually always overly excited, sometimes a bit quirky. This was always fun and comical for me. As they’d attempt to get the class settled down, they would start class like:

“Welcome back to school everybody, I hope everyone had a great summer. Hurry up and have a seat so we can get started on today’s featured artist, Roger Jardine. Not to be confused with the business mogul, whom happens to share the same name. We’re going to talk about Roger Jardine the artist and photographer.”

With the invention of technology, a creator’s intent does not determine how their creation will always be used. Websites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are places of instant gratification, ideal images, and trolls. However, on occasion, social media reminds you of one of its main purposes — connection.

For the past few years, California has dominated the rap game better than the east coast. Many Cali artists have been bringing their “A” games and there’s no stopping their hustle. Among these rappers, is a new rising talent that has showed why Cali is still on top. Rapper, producer and songwriter, Kid Ink, is the fresh new flair that Generation Y has been waiting for.

The Museum of Modern Art, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and the Smithsonian American Art Museum are some of the world’s most prestigious locations to display art, this is something most artists often dream about. However, Brooklyn born photographer Gregory Crewdson’s work has been exhibited in all three museums and many more.