At first I found myself staring deeply into an image of an impressionist painting. The strokes of the water and flowers reminded me of the late French Painter Claude Monet. As I looked more closely into the texture of the strokes, I discovered  a curious glossy top layer similar to photo paper. Unsure if it was just the reflection of my computer screen or something more, I could not help but feel that there was something unusual about this piece. Was I looking at a painting or not?

“I think Ralph has actually improved the quality of life for people. It’s through his ability to materialize beauty. He knows what beauty brings to people’s lives.”  These are the sentiments of Linda Fargo, the Senior Vice President of Bergdorf Goodman. She expressed her thoughts in an interview with W Magazine about Ralph Rucci.

When it comes to filmmakers that are household names, usually Steven Spielberg, George Lucas, Woody Allen and Michael Bay are at the very top the list. What’s wrong with this picture? Most prominently known film producers are usually males. However, there is a female film producer that has been a part of the industry for a long period of time and she is continuously breaking these barriers.

Hip-Hop is such an expansive genre of music. There are sounds that are specific to certain regions, new sub-genres that seem to pop up out of nowhere, and a new generation of artists picking up the mantle. Hip-Hop is more than music, it’s a living culture that is constantly evolving.

Music is perhaps the most broadly recognized language. Some form of creating sound and rhythm exists universally among different cultures. Regardless of whether the language of the lyrics are understood, people understand beautiful sounds, rhythms, and instruments.

With his collection of charcoal pencils, acrylic supplies and oil paint, 26-year old Oliver Okolo is making his mark on the world. “I try to pass a message of self awareness and also bring our attention to all that is happening in our society today,” the self-taught artist tells The Spark, an art magazine.

Comics have changed drastically from the humorous and over the top era that popularized them. No longer are they simple books for little kids. Comics have long-standing fan bases that cherish the story and characters alike. Today these publications are more gritty and the heroes often operate in a grey area.

Most people only dream of quitting their jobs, selling their cars, packing up and moving to New York to follow their dreams. That’s exactly why Corianna and Brianna Dotson, more commonly known as Coco and Breezy, are not classified as “most” people. Coco and Breezy were born and raised in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Social media has reinvented the way we view activism. No longer do you need to pass out flyers or go knock on several doors to spread the word. A simple tweet to your followers or a post on Instagram will reach more people, in a short amount of time. This is especially true for individuals that are internet sensations or have a massive following. Social media presence is king in today’s society.