He’s designed more than 750 household items, yet most of us don’t even know his name. We use his products day in and day out, never stopping to think about the details of how the items were made. Instead, we drive to a store and grab what we need, never quite realizing how his sacrifices resulted in our convenience.

Korean Pop music, or K-Pop rarely reaches global success, so when a group in that genre beats out the likes of Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande, and Selena Gomez for an award, it’s a pretty huge deal, regardless of what the award is for. This is how powerful a cult-like following can be in music.

Recently, I sat down with 26-year-old multidisciplinary artist Ellex Swavoni. A discussion ensued about the importance of fostering creativity and being honest in your art. She is an artist who is passionate about what she creates and is very careful about who she lets into her world.

Kevin “Wak” Williams’ artwork has been a staple in numerous Black homes and businesses throughout the country. My grandmother had a large ceiling to floor copy of his paintings “Power of Man” and “Power of Woman.”

It is hard to resist a great “underdog” story. We love hearing about musicians and artists who struggled to get their work out there for years until finally someone gave them once in a lifetime chance. ” But that is only one aspect of the music industry.

Like most brands with lasting legacies, British retailer Kurt Geiger began as a fascinating tale of history, struggle, desire and passion. The son of a Jewish Viennese merchant, Geiger spent most of his childhood working in his family’s drapery business. 

She’s known worldwide for transforming interiors, and bringing visions to life for her clients. However, Jamye Barnes, a Chicago-native now residing in Atlanta, had no idea that her hardest task would be rebuilding the interior of her very own heart and soul.

Fittingly, twin sisters Naomi and Lisa-Kaindé Diaz have taken the term and they are working towards making it a household name. They named their group Ibeyi to acknowledge their heritage, which also has a significant role in their music. Their journey to becoming one of the most soulful groups in music of any genre is one that’s filled with moments that speak to their spirituality. If you haven’t heard of the group Ibeyi, you will be pleased to learn about the two young ladies who are giving the world a dope sound to vibe to.