I wonder what it takes to be considered a “legend” in Hollywood. Is it the amount of awards a person wins or who has the  longest career? This biggest following? Or, in the case of actress Marla Gibbs, is it the tenacity to be an outstanding actress? After playing an extra on two separate films in the 1970s, Gibbs revealed in an interview for The Washington Post that she told the guy who hires extras she is not coming back and said, “I want to do what Diana Ross is doing.” The man responded “Don’t we all?” and Gibbs told him, “Yes, but I’m going to.”

A powerful coalition of billionaires fighting for prison reform sounds like a group of Democratic politicians, doesn’t it? However, this coalition, called REFORM Alliance, is headed by people like Jay-Z, Meek Mill, Philadelphia 76ers’ owner Michael Rubin, the owner of the New England Patriots Robert Kraft, the New Jersey Nets’ co-owner Clara Wu Tsai, hedge fund manager Daniel Loeb, cryptocurrency giant Michael Novogratz, and Vise Equity Partners’ creator Robert Smith.

For a photographer, there are projects that they are hyper focused on in order to understand their own style of art. For some, it is composition or subjects. For others, it is lighting or settings. Photographers often brand themselves in the elements they use to create a photo. For young African photographer, Noma Osula, his attention to color theory in his art is what makes his pieces stand out among other.

February is a month we spend in celebration of love. Valentine’s Day is conveniently placed in the middle of Black History Month, so we not only pay homage to historical figures but we also celebrate black love. What could be a better time to celebrate black love than during Chicago Black Restaurant Week (CBRW)?

When photographer Petra Collins’ Instagram account was suspended in 2017, it was for a fairly conventional image—a bikini line. In fact, as Collins stated in Huffington Post, over 5,000,000 images on instagram were tagged with the #bikini at the time of her suspension. What makes her photographs controversial  is the way that Collins photographed her bikini line.

At the start of 2019, young rapper She’yaa Bin Abraham-Joseph, who goes by the name 21 Savage, was at the top of his game. His newly released album “I am > I was” debuted at number one on the Billboard 200 charts, he had two Grammy nominations for the song “Rockstar,” and he was a musical guest on The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon.  

In a musical landscape filled with breakup songs and love songs, Kehlani’s confessional R&B takes the implications of every relationship a step further. Her music examines the impact that relationships (romantic and otherwise) have on one’s understanding of who they are.

Being an adolescent girl isn’t easy. And it’s even harder when you are bullied because of your dark skin tone by your peers and adults. 11-year-old Kheris Rogers, however, found a way to twist this myriad of issues into a creative and entrepreneurial solution.