“Understanding the future means carefully observing, from unusual places, the changing nature of the present,” Amy Webb, a renowned futurist, wrote on her website. 

-Amy Webb, a renowned Futurist wrote on her website

When I first heard the word futurist, what popped into my mind was something in the realm of science fiction, but in fact, futurists are a real group of people doing their every day job. A futurist is a real career in which major corporations, investors, or governments, will pay an individual to predict the state of the future and how they expect society will function. Webb is one of these futurists, who analyses data to make predictions and create risk management strategies. 

That Girl. 

The girl who likes to wear mini-skirts, pigtails, and who loves to speak her mind. The girl who used to make up songs with her mom in the car. 
The one girl who won “Most Creative,” as a High School superlative. That girl who dropped out of college to pursue her passions. That girl who independently produced three EPs and one full length album. That girl who currently has over two million monthly listeners on Spotify. That girl is Yung Baby Tate, a 23 year-old musician, writer, and producer. 

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“With my work I seek [proximity] with the art lover, provoking inquiries with the use of strong cores and the geometric elements to support this sensory vision.” This is how Brazilian, minimalist artist, Richard Brandão describes his art in the biography on his website. The artist is based in Fortaleza - a city in the Northeastern region of Brazil. The autobiographical passage also explains his background in art, “I started painting in 1992 at the age of 12. Totally self-taught, I do not [follow] the rules, I follow my instincts based on my experiences and perceptions!” 

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