I knew I had to see the movie Parasite as soon as I saw the trailer last fall. I rarely go to the movies, but last November, a friend and I immediately made plans to see the South Korean film when we learned it would come to an independent theater in our college town. Frustratingly, after we arrived at the first screening of the weekend, the theater ran into technical difficulties; we had to leave halfway through the movie and return later to watch the second half. In hindsight, though, I’m glad we did. The emotional sucker punch that is Parasite would have been overwhelming for me to view all at once. 

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It seems like this is happening more and more. A public figure accidentally mentions something meant for private ears over an open mic. Someone else makes an ill-willed joke, possibly not realizing the consequences of that action. After all these blunders, the phrase “crisis management,” takes on a new meaning. Taking care of these problems requires a special kind of person - an expert in the field of fixing errors. Judy Smith is that person.

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Popping pastel and primary colors.

Exquisite line work.

Articulate fluidity.

Graphic splatters.

Are all elements that convey a story of Black struggle, beauty, and identity in modern America, and they are included in Atlanta artist Craig Singleton’s ---aka C Flux Sing's--- new collection of paintings entitled Heavy Clouds. The exhibit is located at the ArtsXchange’s Jack Sinclair Gallery in East Point, Georgia. Organized by the gallery's Curator Courtney Brooks, the show opened on December 14th. 

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