Before Nanette Lepore became the fashion mogul she is today, she was a nine-year old girl sewing floral bed sheets together into a gown for her neighbor. Pairing her design with matching face paint and a beaded choker, Lepore persuaded her neighbor to pose in the front yard as she held up a handwritten sign that read:


Even back then she was forward-thinking,  inspired by beauty and excelled at marketing. Today, she’s all that and more.  With a well-known and established brand, a highly revered reputation and a net worth of $16 million, Lepore has made more than a name for herself. But beneath all her fame and fortune is the same girlish ambition that inspired her in the first place: a desire to make beautiful things for beautiful people. Known for bold colors, exquisite prints and a feminine flair, Lepore’s gypsy-like designs are beautifully bohemian.

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There’s certainly no shortage when it comes to fashion designers. Year after year, fashionistas around the globe anxiously await Fashion Week that floats around to so many different cities. The ability to evolve as a designer is crucial in such a saturated market, and that’s exactly Prabal Gurung’s specialty.

First Lady Michelle Obama and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge have (at least) one thing in common: impeccable style. Who is the designer that links these two? Prabal Gurung. One aspect that sets Gurung apart from the rest is his ability to adapt. Gurung believes that fashion is forever changing - so his designs should be, too.

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For just over a decade, fashion brand, Bimba y Lola, has proven to be a major contender in the fashion game. The line was started in 2006 by sisters, Maria and Uxia Dominquez, the affordable, ready-to-wear brand is set to reach new heights as the brand sets out to expand globally.

Since the brand's inception in 2006, Bimba y Lola has managed to create a fashion empire worth millions. The company raked up nearly $180 million last year alone. Bimba y Lola has 225 stores in 16 countries spanning across Europe, Asia and Latin America and plans to open 20 more flagship locations in the very near future. Although there’s not any talks of an U.S. store opening, that does not stop true fashionistas from copping the Spanish-based designs online

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The label Proenza Schouler is most widely known for its early success. The It's creators/designers are Lazaro Hernandez and Jack McCollough who met when they studied at Parson's School of Design. The duo worked together on their senior thesis in school. The project eventually became their first collection as Proenza Schouler, borrowed from the designers' mothers' maiden names. They now regret the name choice.

“The whole reason why we even picked that name in the first place was that when we started, Barney's had just bought our collection and we didn't have a name. We thought, Hernandez McCollough? [laughs] Doesn't sound so high end, does it?” McCollough said in Interview Magazine

As the two designers grew to fame, they were popular for their bustiers and corsets. They responded better to men's clothing, so the designers began to incorporate that kind of tailoring into their clothing, which is a women's clothing and accessories line

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