If you’re from Atlanta, or any large city for the most part, you know that different parts of the city vary greatly from one another in culture, community, and overall vibe. In Atlanta, people would never claim that Buckhead is the same as East Point or that Little Five Points is the same as Midtown. Tony Cruvie recognizes this and wanted to give people the opportunity to rep their neighborhood with pride, no matter where they’re from.

Jenni Kayne has a relatively high end brand in America’s clothing market. Her styles are very traditional and never outlandish, but if you want to look as good as this future megastar, your pockets are going to hurt. At least mine would. 

When you hear about the world of fashion, you usually don’t think about a prison sentence. The two topics being discussed at the same time was pretty unlikely, until social media users learned about Rashod Stanley’s story. Stanley has posted some of the most innovative designs to hit the fashion market, while incarcerated at a Georgia prison. Not only has he proven himself to be a pioneer in the world of fashion, but he has also serves as an inspiration for those who may have ran into a few hurdles a long the way.

Imran Amed is in the business of fashion with a capital F. To many, fashion is the difference between what one wears to work versus a night of cocktails. To Amed, it’s a multi-billion dollar industry with endless influential possibilities. Few entrepreneurs can say they started their business from their couch, but it’s one of the many endearing details of his success story —  now he’s one of the top male voices in the global fashion world today. 

If you’ve never heard of Aleksander Siradekian, that is completely understandable. As a designer on the come-up, his brand is not as widely retailed as some other luxury shoe manufacturers. Nevertheless, you have been missing out! With a focus on creating original shoe designs with maximum comfort and wearability, ALEKSANDERSIRADEKIAN is a brand luxury shoe collectors and admirers will want to keep on their radar for years to come.

Photographer/ Blogger Tommy Ton innovatively captures photos that fuel  his obsession with fashion. Tommy Ton has the job that every fashionista dreams of, he takes photos of the fashion industry’s key players and posts them on his blog titled “Jak & Jil,” as well as style.com and gq.com. Ton doesn’t just snap pictures of celebs, but instead his blog is filled with photos of fashion editors, buyers and stylists.

Few fashion designers can say they began their career by ripping up doll clothes. After sketching outfit ideas for most of her youth, Atlanta based designer Adorr Reynolds-Jessie started to sew at age thirteen by creating new designs for her first clients— her toy dolls. “I loved it so much that I would cut up old clothes of mine just to have more fabric options for my dolls,” she told Savannah College of Art and Design student magazine SCAN. “I knew then I was destined to design.”