British actor and Oscar nominee Daniel Kaluuya is a part of the culture. That’s culture with a capital C. In the past three years, the now thirty-year-old thespian’s career has gone from the slow burn it was back home in the UK, to a steady boil in Hollywood. From his breakout role as "Chris Washington" in Jordan Peele’s horror-comedy film Get Out (2017) to his role as "W’kabi" in Ryan Coogler’s Marvel movie Black Panther (2018), Kaluuya has landed two groundbreaking movies that are cinematic gold. 

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Here at VA Mag, we’ve kept a close eye on current NFL free agent quarterback, Colin Kaepernick. Ever since Kaepernick’s decision to kneel became the ultimate conversation starter back in 2016, we’ve been on top of keeping our readers abreast of his situation. Fully supporting him and his stance against racial profiling and police brutality against black and brown men and women across the country. As heroic as his stance was, and still is, it unfortunately cost him his job and no other team signed him in the following seasons. Last year, we covered the deal he subsequently signed with Nike despite their partnership with the NFL, and touched on the collusion case Kaepernick had against the league. When Jay-Z announced his joint venture with the NFL and there were talks of how it was disrespectful to Kaepernick, but we took a different angle. We told everyone to just wait and see what Hov’s approach would be.

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“Understanding the future means carefully observing, from unusual places, the changing nature of the present,” Amy Webb, a renowned futurist, wrote on her website. 

-Amy Webb, a renowned Futurist wrote on her website

When I first heard the word futurist, what popped into my mind was something in the realm of science fiction, but in fact, futurists are a real group of people doing their every day job. A futurist is a real career in which major corporations, investors, or governments, will pay an individual to predict the state of the future and how they expect society will function. Webb is one of these futurists, who analyses data to make predictions and create risk management strategies. 

For ten years, former NBC news correspondent and MSNBC news anchor Tamron Hall co-hosted the third-hour segment of the Today show. At 9 a.m. sharp every morning the Texas-born TV personality brought warmth to the screen with her effervescent and charismatic personality. A fan favorite, everyone wondered about what seemed to be Tamron’s abrupt departure from the show, and her replacement with journalist Megyn Kelly. As the saying goes “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.” However, top decision-makers at the network had deemed Tamron not quite what they believed their Middle American target audience wanted to see more of, so they “demoted” her.

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