Nearly 40 years after its original exhibition, 20th century African American artist Romare Bearden’s profile series, “Something Over Something Else,” has made its way to the High Museum of Art in Atlanta, and I was there to capture it. 

Chef. Restaurateur. TV Contestant. And now, author. 
Kwame Onwuachi’s has a long list of titles, one he’s only adding further to with the publication of his first book, “Notes From A Young Black Chef.” One may wonder if someone has enough life experience before the age of 30 to write a memoir? Just leave it to Chef. 

Sex, lies, and a guinea pig. While this concept may sound outrageous to some, for those who have seen “Fleabag,” Phoebe Waller Bridge’s BBC/Amazon Prime series, it’s not too out of left field. Mixing lovable, albeit unnamed, characters with screwball storylines, the British actress/writer/director now finds herself as one of the most coveted names in the industry. 

What does country music look like in 2019? For some it’s the ethereal country pop songs of Kacey Musgraves or the classic Carrie Underwood revenge ballad “Before He Cheats.” But for fans who envision a handsome, Christian boy-next-door singing about trucks and beer, their guy is Thomas Rhett. 

Sometimes music just happens. In the case of pop singer Sigrid, the opportunity quite literally fell into her lap while studying in Norway. “I wanted to be a teacher, or I wanted to be a lawyer,” she told TIME magazine earlier this year. “I had very specific plans. But then music happened.”

There are two sides to every story according to Cayce Zavaglia, including her subjects. As a classically trained painter and embroidery artist, she stitches handmade portraits out of yarn. Her work illustrates a person the same way a sketch artist can create a court scene with colored pencils and a sketch pad. 

“I just took a DNA test turns out I’m 100% that bitch,” Lizzo raps in her breakout single, “Truth Hurts.” And according to all accounts, she’s not exaggerating. "

The track, featured on Lizzo's third album, “Cuz I Love You,” is on its way to hitting platinum status according to Billboard music charts. Her album was released in April 2019.

“I was such a baby,” singer Billie Eilish said with a frown, while watching a recording of herself from last year. The video, titled “Billie Eilish: Same Interview, One Year Apart,” features Eilish in 2018 reacting to a Vanity Fair interview she gave exactly a year prior. “I’m kind of jealous of Billie a year ago,” she muses.

Steven Victor sees the music industry as more than just a numbers game. In the world of Spotify streams and YouTube views, he needs to see the artist as more than just their statistics. As Def Jam’s executive vice president and head of A&R (Artists and Repertoire), Victor is always on the lookout for new talent. He oversees a staff of 20 people responsible for A&R. Together, they’re in charge of the task of finding each new breakout artist the label signs.

Few fashion designers can say they began their career by ripping up doll clothes. After sketching outfit ideas for most of her youth, Atlanta based designer Adorr Reynolds-Jessie started to sew at age thirteen by creating new designs for her first clients— her toy dolls. “I loved it so much that I would cut up old clothes of mine just to have more fabric options for my dolls,” she told Savannah College of Art and Design student magazine SCAN. “I knew then I was destined to design.”