It might seem impossible, but the style they launched over 120 years ago still catches eyes today. Known for their luxurious shoes, the French brand has become synonymous for a certain type of man: a debonair gentleman with a classic sense of style and a timeless love for leather shoes. Like this man, the luxury menswear brand exudes sophistication, elegance, a tad bit of eccentricity and a lot of character. But how did such an old school brand last in such an evolving world? Well, as artistic designer Alessandro Sartori explained to The Wall Street Journal, “Men who are taking care of their look always have the perfect fit. If their bodies change, they call the tailor and adjust.” As if taking the brand itself to a tailor to fit the changing trends of menswear, the longstanding brand launched a clothing line, ensuring the Berluti man would represent timeless luxury from head to toe .

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