Nearly 40 years after its original exhibition, 20th century African American artist Romare Bearden’s profile series, “Something Over Something Else,” has made its way to the High Museum of Art in Atlanta, and I was there to capture it. 

Wikipedia Edit-a-thons are hosted by schools, archives, museums, and cultural institutions all over the world. The idea is to help increase the voices of LGBTQ, female, people of color, or other marginalized persons as Wiki editors. On March 30th, I attended the Art+Feminism edit-a-thon at the High Museum of Art in Atlanta where people of all backgrounds were invited to learn how to become a Wiki editor, learn the rules of Wikipedia, and create articles about female, non-binary, women of color, etc. artists.

Returned to Infinity, to Eternal Time, and to Absolute Space

“[The infinity rooms] make you feel vast and tiny at the same time…. You feel significant and insignificant — and that just strikes a human chord,” said  Joanne Heyler, director of The Broad Museum in Los Angeles, California.

What’s a composition notebook?  We have all probably owned one for one reason or another. They’ve been around for years, well-known for having wide-ruled pages and black and white covers. Every notebook contains something different inside based on its owner. I have several stored in drawers around my house, ironically I bought a new one just to write this story. My notebooks are used to document my random thoughts, ideas and goal lists. For me these things have meaning, but to an outsider thumbing through my pages, my notebook is probably useless and hard to understand.