In the age of the Amazon Kindle, the Barnes and Noble Nook, and a host of other e-readers that have taken the literary scene by storm, many Americans have chosen to forgo physical books and opt for a sleeker, more environmentally friendly choice. However, for everyone toting a slim reading tablet in their backpack or purse, there’s still someone out there with a hard copy of their favorite novel in hand — and a lot of those someones can be found at A Cappella Books, located in Northeast Atlanta. If you live in the city’s Little Five Points neighborhood, you don’t need to go too far to get your independent bookshop fix. 

Jeff Bezos, CEO of, the world’s largest online shopping retailer, is worth $105.1 billion dollars, according to Bloomberg Technology. That is more than Bill Gates, the co-founder of Microsoft whose net worth sits at $93.2 billion dollars. Not so long ago, in 1999 Bezos’ work space consisted of just a basic computer, a phone, and a desk that he built from a door, stabilized by two-by-fours in his garage. The visionary spray painted the words: AMAZON.COM on the wall of his work area, breathing life into his dream way before the world took notice. Now, he holds the title as the richest person in the world.

Bezos said, you have to be resourceful and self-reliant. He firmly believes that those traits helped him propel his startup company from his garage, into a $100 billion dollar corporation.
Bezos, who just celebrated his 54th birthday on January 12th, was born in Albuquerque, New Mexico. He credits his first job with his grandfather as the source for honing in on the aforementioned traits. Bezos spent his summers with his grandfather working on his South Texas ranch. Bezos was born to a teenage mother and a father who worked as a circus performer whom he didn’t know growing up. When Bezos was four-years-old, his mother told his biological father to stay out of their lives, and he obliged. His biological father was unaware of the success he encounter as an adult until the book “The Everything Store” about Jeff’s life was being written, and the author reached out to him for an interview.