I couldn’t help but draw comparisons to Pablo Picasso when I first looked at these paintings. There’s no denying that they embody cubist aesthetics, particularly geometricity, simultaneity, and passage. What’s even more intriguing about these pieces is the array of bright colors that harken back to Wassily Kandinsky’s paintings. Observing artist Joey DeRuy’s works is like gazing into some psychedelic, disjointed dreamland. Considering that both Picasso and Kandinsky are two of his influences, there’s no wonder that his pieces resemble theirs. However, DeRuy also distinguishes himself from these preeminent artists by incorporating elements of futurism into his creations. For instance, his interpretation of how technological trends influence mass culture is surreal, insightful, and possibly prescient. DeRuy’s artwork serves as a conduit for observers to peer into the inner workings of his mind and spirit.

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