The first image on luxury-brand social media manager Candace Marie Stewart’s website is of her clothed in all-white with cowrie shells threaded into her elaborately coiffed braids. There are a regal quality and quiet repose to the way she carries herself which complements her eclectic street-style. Her appearance is bold, striking, and dignified, which seems only natural for someone who has masterminded unique social media campaigns for the luxury department store Barney’s New York and Italian luxury brand Prada

In a city popularized for both its beauty and grit, New York Fashion Week (NYFW) for Fall 2018 styles emulates just that. From Sept. 6 to Sept. 14, the city was transformed into a giant catwalk where fashion goers rock their most glorious looks only to compliment the exaggerate fashion featured on the professional runways. 

New York has always been a major player in fashion for the hip-hop community. From  the countless clothing brands birthed from up top, to fashion designers looking to participate in New York Fashion Week as an official stamp of approval, or being shouted out in a song by one of New York’s very own rappers or singers, the city that never sleeps often breathes life into clothing brands.

Lyfestyle is one of the brands that was birthed in NYC, and the world is awakening quickly to the authentic brand.