The fusion of androgyny and minimalism is not an uncommon trend in high fashion but no designers create the soft blend of masculinity and femininity like Singapore-born designer Max Tan Shu Lin. The self-identified “garment engineer” is known for his eponymous womenswear label MAX.TAN which features the edgy yet elegant designs ideals of transformation and deconstruction. Many high fashion designers make the common mistake of simply assuming that androgynous fashion is either tomboy-ish or effeminate. But Max Tan displays androgynous fashion as epicene or fashion that involves characteristics taken from both male and female fashion trends. MAX.TAN, according to its website is, “Serious but never severe, minimal but never simple, fragile but never weak.” His clean-cut designs have graced many runways and sheathed the bodies of top super models. MAX.TAN is for the chic and polished lady with a peculiar twist.

With the internet making fame so easy these days, it makes the standout of true talent that much harder to identify Some talented souls refuse to stand in the shadows though. Being a smart, funny, and skilled individual can put you into the spotlight. Internet sensation-turned-cable star, Issa Rae has used all of the above with a dash of personality to reach the top, and right now she’s on fire.

There is an unfathomable power emitted by art that uses urban landscapes as its canvas. It is not exclusive to those of a certain social class or within art circles; it is accessible to all. It does not rely on an unchanging gallery space to be seen or understood; it adapts to the fluidity and movement of its dynamic surroundings.

Brazil is certainly a beautiful location.Crystal blue waters, a radiating sunset and an intense love for soccer is what popular culture tends to focus on when it comes to Brazil. Interestingly enough, Brazil also offers a very hip fashion scene. Take fashion designer and Sao Paulo native, Pedro Lourenço, for example. Even though he is just 24 years old, he already has demonstrated his work at Fashion Week and has collaborated with respected brands such as Nike, as well as Mac Cosmetics, who described him as having a “couture-like sensibility and meticulous attention to detail.”

The general expectation of former Disney Channel stars is either a spectacular fall from grace or a fade into oblivion. Bridgit Mendler, known for her roles in television show Good Luck Charlie and movie Lemonade Mouth star, managed to escape the common pitfalls of childhood stardom.

Many fashion labels are not able to achieve the duality of streetwear and luxury wear quite like UK based fashion label Superdry. Superdry can be spotted on an ordinary English teenaged festival-goer or an A-list celebrity. The label’s amazingness is due to it’s affordability and accessibility to the general public while supplying high quality clothing.