MAX.TAN: Masculinity + Femininity

The fusion of androgyny and minimalism is not an uncommon trend in high fashion but no designers create the soft blend of masculinity and femininity like Singapore-born designer Max Tan Shu Lin. The self-identified "garment engineer" is known for his eponymous womenswear label MAX.TAN which features the edgy yet elegant designs ideals of transformation and deconstruction. Many high fashion designers make the common mistake of simply assuming that androgynous fashion is either tomboy-ish or effeminate. But Max Tan displays androgynous fashion as epicene or fashion that involves characteristics taken from both male and female fashion trends. MAX.TAN, according to its website is, "Serious but never severe, minimal but never simple, fragile but never weak." His clean-cut designs have graced many runways and sheathed the bodies of top super models. MAX.TAN is for the chic and polished lady with a peculiar twist.

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