In the age of social media, everyone has the ability to create visual art if they have access to a smartphone. Apple Inc. has made the advancement of their camera technology the priority, attracting photographers and film directors to experiment with the iPhone camera’s capabilities instead of opting for the usual expensive DSLR equipment. In this vein, the iPhone camera breaks down the barrier of cost and access to materials for the process of creating high-quality visual art. As a mentor once told me, “It isn’t what you have; It’s how you use it.

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Adam Caldwell paints the harsh realities of the world and portrays them as if you are in a dream. Artist Adam Caldwell’s work is based on his reactions to social issues such as war and consumerism. When viewing his art you will see several layers unfold. Caldwell’s work incorporates images from American advertisements & popular culture and rituals from around the world. While also exhibiting an almost dreamlike quality in its execution, the images in his paintings merge together to create a story and draw the viewer into the world that he’s created. 

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Popping pastel and primary colors.

Exquisite line work.

Articulate fluidity.

Graphic splatters.

Are all elements that convey a story of Black struggle, beauty, and identity in modern America, and they are included in Atlanta artist Craig Singleton’s ---aka C Flux Sing's--- new collection of paintings entitled Heavy Clouds. The exhibit is located at the ArtsXchange’s Jack Sinclair Gallery in East Point, Georgia. Organized by the gallery's Curator Courtney Brooks, the show opened on December 14th. 

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