Many people may wonder where a man like Tyson Beckford came from. He may appear as if he’s had it all since day one. You know the story, a wealthy family, a great education, growing up in a nice neighborhood: THE WORKS.

The truth is Tyson Beckford grew up in the streets of New York. The Bronx to be exact and he was born with the good looks. But his wealth did not come into his life until 1991. At that time, he jumped on one opportunity that paved the way for many blessings to come. Tyson is of Jamaican and Chinese descent (hence his very slanted but gorgeous eyes). He never imagined growing up to become a supermodel. Instead he was into sports and was a member of his high school’s football and track teams. One day while playing flag football in a park with friends, Tyson was noticed by a talent scout who worked for the Source magazine. And from then on his career as a model began to take off.

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