Visionary Artistry Magazine & Ride Ad, Team Up to Promote Local Businesses

March 27, 2017 (Atlanta, GA) —-Visionary Artistry Magazine, an online arts-focused publication that highlights the work of mainstream and underground artists and entrepreneurs worldwide, announced a partnership today with Ride Ad.

Ride Ad is a mobile advertising company that creates advertisements for digital tablets in high volume Uber and Lyft cars traveling in the metro Atlanta area. Commuters become informed about businesses; their services; and the latest events, while riding to their destinations. The two companies will work together to provide this unique service to more than 70,000 viewers monthly who utilize this special form of transportation.

“Everyone needs advertising services and this is limitless. It’s innovative and the ideas that will come out of it are endless. Visionary Artistry is all about being ahead of the curve and collaborating with like-minded people,” said Jarvares “Jay” Franklin, founder of Visionary Artistry Magazine.

Ride Ad offers month-to-month advertising pricing options for patrons without holding them to a contract, they can choose to advertise with a digital flyer or a video.

“Ride Ad provides a very modern way for businesses to take advantage of the opportunity, by exposing them 61,000 times at minimum to target audiences,” said Patrick Whiddon, co-founder of Ride Ad.


For more information on Ride Ad and its advertising services: Log on to: and send an email to