He’s elegant, fashionable and dressed in that old money kind of way. His ginger colored finger waved hair, tailored three piece suit, cane and the pocket watch resemble the era so perfectly. Whether you like the style or not, you can’t help but agree it's a classic look. Historical, yet modern. Old school, yet tasteful. A quick glance might have you thinking you know everything about him, but you don’t. His suit, though highly professional, doesn’t reveal his past work as a New York City public school teacher. His red hair provides no clue of his Nigerian ethnicity. His seemingly vintage pocket watch says nothing about his love of thrifting. He is as mysterious and compelling as his style. Despite his dapper, 1920s fashion, he’s quite new to the industry, having first gained popularity in 2012. Those familiar enough with his music call him Jidenna. Family and friends know him as Jidenna Theodore Mobisson, son of an American accountant named Tama and Oliver, a Nigerian Igbo professor. If you ask him though, he’d tell you he’s a classic man.

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