Boris Kodjoe is all over Hollywood. He began acting on television’s The Steve Harvey Show and almost immediately jumped into movies after that. You can see him on the films Love & Basketball, Brown Sugar and most recently, he played in part of the Resident Evil franchise. Kodjoe is also well- known for his looks. The man is gorgeous and it’s no secret. He’s managed to keep afloat in the uncertainty of Hollywood, but that let’s us know that one thing is absolute: it’s hard work. It’s not just about getting by on your looks.

“I have to be very disciplined because the hours are ridiculous. We shoot 12 to 14 hours a day. To do all that physical stuff yourself, you have to be on a nutritional plan. I have six or seven meals a day. I eat every hour and a half, and make sure it’s all clean. I have absolutely no sugar at all,” Kodjoe explained to media, technology and entertainment site Collider about his role in the TV show “Undercovers.”

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There’s certainly no shortage when it comes to fashion designers. Year after year, fashionistas around the globe anxiously await Fashion Week that floats around to so many different cities. The ability to evolve as a designer is crucial in such a saturated market, and that’s exactly Prabal Gurung’s specialty.

First Lady Michelle Obama and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge have (at least) one thing in common: impeccable style. Who is the designer that links these two? Prabal Gurung. One aspect that sets Gurung apart from the rest is his ability to adapt. Gurung believes that fashion is forever changing - so his designs should be, too.

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The label Proenza Schouler is most widely known for its early success. The It's creators/designers are Lazaro Hernandez and Jack McCollough who met when they studied at Parson's School of Design. The duo worked together on their senior thesis in school. The project eventually became their first collection as Proenza Schouler, borrowed from the designers' mothers' maiden names. They now regret the name choice.

“The whole reason why we even picked that name in the first place was that when we started, Barney's had just bought our collection and we didn't have a name. We thought, Hernandez McCollough? [laughs] Doesn't sound so high end, does it?” McCollough said in Interview Magazine

As the two designers grew to fame, they were popular for their bustiers and corsets. They responded better to men's clothing, so the designers began to incorporate that kind of tailoring into their clothing, which is a women's clothing and accessories line

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