Isabel Marant: Comfy Couture

Though you may not be familiar with her name, you've lived in her style whether her name was on the label or not. Fashion designers are well known for their head to toe impeccable appearances, in the case of Isabel Marant, you'll find a more lax style. Baggy sweaters, easy hair-dos and just a light touch of makeup encompass Marant's look. However, this is not the same as the clothes she creates. Marant's designs are very subdued in color. Earthy, natural tones are occasionally splashed with a pop of blue or red. A billowy blouse is complemented by a sleek pair of crop pants. The best part about this is that Marant's clothes are great for everyday wear. Nothing is grandiose or flamboyant – the focus is on making clothes that people want to wear, not just a piece of art that could be worn, but that will be worn. “I want to make real clothes that you keep in your closet a long time, that you don’t tire of, and that you can juxtapose with the next collection,” Marant said with the arts and travel site Hobo Magazine.

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