“What’s most important to me is to be relatable. I don’t want to be out of reach, I want people to know that I am a regular person...I’m not out here to compete with anyone.

I’m going to try to outdo myself every single time.”


Introverted, laid back and down to earth, she is the epitome of a “girl next door.” At 5’4 and 125 pounds, the singer/dancer/songwriter is simple and low key, embracing her very own authentic flavor and style.

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“I want people to know who I truly am…,” says Bebe Rexha on her official website, beberexha.com. After listening to Rexha’s candid lyrics, memorable voice, and provocative beats, we want to know more about who Rexha truly is too.

A self-proclaimed “Bad B*tch,” Bebe Rexha empowers others through her honest song lyrics and her powerful voice. The songstress/ record producer finds inspiration for her edgy, sultry style through nineties R&B music and modern pop. Rexha’s debut album, Expectations, draws from her own experiences with bad breakups and fake friends to inspire others with her candid lyrics and her hypnotic beats. This album marks her own personal growth through the hardships and turmoil in her personal life.

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