MalcUpNext: Still Humble. Still Hungry.

It was all a dream.

Actually it was, an Instagram video, that catapulted the singing career of then fourteen-year-old Malcolm “MalcUpNext” White, back in 2015. MalcUpNext went from internet sensation to catching the eye of the ATLien and one half of the super rap group, OutKast, Antwan “Big Boi” Patton, and his longtime business associate, David “Mr. DJ” Sheats.

Malcolm, accompanied by his friend, Brycen Hunt’s beatboxing,  posted a video of Fetty Wap’sTrap Queen” went viral and has nearly a half million views on YouTube.


Big Boi and Mr. DJ loved the energy and potential that MalcUpNext exuded and signed him as the first artist underneath their Camp Purple record label. Big Boi told Vibe MagazineThe innocence is what’s dope about it. I want to groom him as a talent. We gonna grow this boy into the world. Our goals are the same as always: We like to get talent that can be groomed and when you take the training wheels off, they can start pedaling and just go.”

Mr. DJ saw potential in the young star as well. “He had a great smile, great personality and he wasn’t like everybody else trying to be so cool and so sharp. He was just a little kid with glasses, and when I was reading the comments I saw that lots of people took to him for that reason. He’s got the voice of an older person, but very much a kid at heart. We just thought that was real pure, natural talent. There’s nothing in that lane that can compete. Every other [young artist] wants to be grown and talk about the streets and how dope they are. This little kid is totally the opposite of that.” Mr. DJ could not pass up the opportunity to get MalcUpNext out of Cleveland, Ohio and down to Atlanta to make musical magic. Despite the popularity and being in the presence of hip hop royalty, MalcUpNext remains gracious for his opportunities. He simply says “[I’m] Blessed to have come this far. Appreciate all the support.”

At 16, MalcUpNext is growing into a very handsome looking young man. Shedding some of his childlike charm for a more mature swag. He has released two singles, “This Feeling” (2015), a story of teen love reminiscent of teenage crooners Chris Brown and Mario, and “A Lot of It” featuring fellow teenage musician Domani Harris. This track  is an upbeat song showcasing more bravado and swag. Both singles are available on most music streaming services, including Soundcloud and Spotify, and are to be featured on his debut album. There is not a definite release date or name for the upcoming release.

MalcUpNext is working on an album, but while preparing for his professional debut he is staying in tune with his musical roots. MalcUpNext continues to upload videos for his over two-hundred-thousand fans via Instagram of him singing while his friends provide background beats and dance moves. MalcUpNext declares that he is remaining humble but he is hungry for success.

-Keyerika Ross