Whether it’s a book, a movie or a television series, every once in a while you come across those two important characters that seem to drive the plot to the end.  For some unbeknownst reason to you, the two characters have so much chemistry together that the story would obviously fall apart if one was without the other.  With characters in a fictional story, as well as us humans in reality, opposites attract. This can be easily portrayed by Carly Cushnie, a fashion designer with an international intelligence, and Michelle Ochs, her partner in crime with an American sense of style.  With Cushnie, it’s hard to talk about her fashion line without mentioning her teammate, and vice versa.  The two business partners are indeed opposites, and they rely on each other to bring their conjoined style to the table.  And it’s not just the style of the fabrics they create, but it’s also the determination that they carry with themselves that bring forth new ideas and arts to the world.

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