Gabriele Colangelo: A Family of Style

Many people’s parents have talents that they pass down to their children. Sometimes the talent exceeds that of the parent, sometimes it falls just short. In cases where the child builds on the hereditary talent, they often end up being a prodigy of sorts. Athletes like Ken Griffey Jr., Steph Curry, and Eli and Peyton Manning are prime examples of being receptive to the “talent gene.” Women’s fashion designer, Gabriele Colangelo, is the fashion equivalent of the aforementioned athletes.

gcol3Gabriele Colangelo was raised around fashion his entire life. It was traditional for people in his family to take to fashion. His family was very well-known for their specialized tailoring, using fur apparel. For generations, the family owned their own workshop in which they would conduct their business. When Gabriele decided on taking an interest in the family business, he elevated the family tradition to different level.

gcol4Gabriele realized early that he wanted to follow a similar, but different path. As his passion grew, so did his natural talent and eye for creativity. While in school, Gabriele decided to enter a contest in which he won a prize in the form of a fashion grant. The grant and victory in the competition were great for his resume – as was his eventual job working for an clothing distribution company in Italy, Ittierre S.P.A. Gabriele spent four years working there, and as a result landed opportunities to work with a pair of fashion’s big dogs on women’s designs, Versace and Cavalli.

After such a hot start to his career, the time had come for Gabriele to spread his wings. He was now ready to create his own brand. In 2008, he created his line for the “Who Is On Next” competition that’s hosted by Vogue Italia and AltaRoma. Winning that competition catapulted his self-titled brand into great company, and was yet another notch under his belt.


Gabriele’s designs from season to season are known to have use of fur, of course. However, they are also known for their simple intricacies. As Style Magazine reported in 2014, Gabriele would often use an artist’s paintings as his inspiration. He would create his clothing based on the artist’s paintings, sometimes with subtle hints, other times it was pretty spot on and the correlation was undeniable. The story says he approached many of the pieces primarily using black and white, and gave a “well-executed” two dimensional quality.

That was just for one of the many lines he has created. All fairly simple, but not all of the designs are focused on using 2-D schemes. It really all depends on which artist’s paintings he decides to draw his inspiration from.According to Colangelo’s brief introduction to the line on his website, they describe the line as an elegant, timeless label designing innovating pieces and reinventing the concept of grace and luxury. The different styles and patterns are all vastly different depending on which artist he draws his inspiration from. Quite an interesting way to create fashion, but it’s that same creativity that’s earned him such notoriety. As he continues to create and draw inspiration, we shall continue to follow his designs. All of his new and upcoming designs can be found on his website, as well as a quick promotional video which features some of his coolest gear.

Blake Holmes