Glen Ronald: An Artistic Scientist

The ink eased across the canvas magically as if he were some kind of artistic shaman whispering where and how it should glide across the page. The canvas, as though it were a living, breathing thing, welcomed the black ink as the two formed an indescribable relationship. It was abstract and yet the artist seemed to demand more from the chaos he intentionally created. Using water as a shaman would smoke, he splashed bits of liquid here and there, demanding meaning. Somewhere his mind seemed to whisper, amongst these smeared gray mysteries, art abides, portraits exist and nature continues to evolve. His pencil, dull from use, helped reveal the beauty in the midst of the madness. Known as the “Chaos Whisperer,” it’s hard to imagine that Canadian artist Glen Ronald began his first drawings in church, but he did. Even more interesting is the fact that this “whisperer’s” work is as scientific as it is artistic.

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