Anti-Flag: Making Kindness Look Cool

“People around punk rock are often people who care about more than just themselves, even if that means that they just try to be more kind or open to other people….”

-Justin Sane on Montreal Rocks

Punk is not like any other music genre. Punk is a lifestyle choice–a creed and a community, at least to the musicians behind the American punk-rock band from Pittsburgh, Anti-Flag. This group of anti-nationalist, anti-racist, anti-sexist musicians has operated in the zeitgeist for over thirty years.

To get a glimpse of what Anti-Flag is all about, consider their song titled “Hate Conquers All,” featured on their album 20/20 Vision, which starts off with a sample of former president Donald Trump giving a speech about quelling public protest. It’s a pro-protest bop commenting on the rhetoric that Trump used to rile his base.

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