Felicity Ingram: Technical, Funky, Fun

felicity2Known for her bright red hair, fashion forward high heels, all black clothing, and her old soul, she’s a great mix of posh and edgy. Inspired by live jazz music, 1920’s antiques, and renowned photographer Irving Penn, Felicity Ingram, UK beauty and fashion photographer, is what happens when technical skill flirts with  avant-garde.

With clients like Gucci, MAC Cosmetics, Tory Burch, Chanel, John Frieda, and Carolina Herrera, there’s very little question about her success. But, what is it that makes the 27 year old photographer so popular? Sure, she’s edgy, different, and wildly free spirited, but what makes her art so compelling?

According to Odalisque Magazine, an online publication that focuses on the eccentric and the desirable, Ingram’s ability to structure her art in technique and yet lose herself in unrestricted beauty, makes her photography unique. “Felicity’s work,” they report, “crosses the disciplines of fashion and beauty, pushing technical boundaries to create expressive images.” For Felicity, the answer is much more simple.

In an interview with London Female Artists, an online journal about London’s most talented artist, she advises emerging artists to “remember yourself, it’s not all about the work.” Therein lies Felicity’s secret to success–she knows how to have fun. Beyond the pinball machine in her Wandsworth, south west London, apartment, Ingram’s twitter posts are evident of her work life balance. In between various links of her work, there are posts about homemade paleo grain-free chocolate chip muffins, dinner dates with friends, and photos of weekend outings. It is this same fun loving attitude that influences Ingram’s work.


Ingram’s photographic editorial for Wonderland Magazine for example, demonstrates Ingram’s determination to have fun. The spread, titled “You Can Only Wear Your Hair in a Ponytail Once a Week,” contains polished images of beautiful women. The images though are invaded by bright yet crimson colored lips. The flawless technical skill Ingram learned from intensive years of study is meshed with Ingram’s edgy style, illustrating a funky fun that’s beautiful and fashion forward.

“Beautiful Boy,” another spread by Ingram, like her personality, expands beyond the conventional. Taking a technical beauty shot of a male subject in a green shirt, Felicity adds a hint of that funky-fun-and-edgy style she’s known for with a soft delicate rose. In another photo, she adorns his face with small hearts on his cheek. Why not? Beauty is not confined to traditional expectations, but is experimental and imaginative. It’s fun, fresh, experimental, and technical all at the same time. Ingram’s Photography captures that.

felicity3Felicity acknowledges that her work is a clear extension of her personality. She’s right. But, it is not only an extension of her personality, it’s an extension of us all—the technical ways our bodies operate, the skillful craft of our genetic make up,  and the edgy, funky fun quirks that make us unique. Despite it all, like Ingram’s photography, we are beautiful. Friends and family taught us that. Felicity Ingram’s art illustrates just how true it is.

-Sharita Gilmore