Little Dragon: Swedish Symphonies

lild4Have you ever reminisced about your high school days when you and your friends would gather at your house and attempt to create a rock band in your parents’ basement or garage? You know, after school, you and three of your friends would rush to where the various instruments were set up for your band’s convenience, and the four of you would practice for hours on in, with each and every one of you, knowing it’s impossible, yet still aspiring to be legendary rockstars one day.  Perhaps your band even landed a couple of gigs with some connections that you guys set up and you were able to play at a few restaurants and bars. Regardless, it all starts from a single idea of wanting to be a rockstar, and then years later, you may find yourself selling out Madison Square Garden.“Started from the bottom, now we’re here,” are not just lyrics sung by R&B hip hop artist, Drake, but it’s also a portrayal of the Swedish pop band, Little Dragon, whose music began in a garage in Gothenburg, Sweden.

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