Shalaja’ Swimwear: Wet ‘N Wild

What’s the difference between rocking a bad black and white houndstooth bodysuit complete  with a mini skirt, and a pair of nice classy shoes–– compared to taking that same piece (minus the skirt) and wearing it as a swimsuit on a beautiful sandy beach while admiring the clear blue skies?

Clearly, its all in the way you wear it. The first thing that I noticed about Shalaja’ Swimwear was the fact that these aren’t just swimsuits for the pool; they can serve several purposes and easily transform into an entire outfit.

“Somewhere, right now there is a girl feeling fab in her swimsuit. Summer never ends if you’re in the right place,” is how an experience in a Shalaja’ creation is described on the brand’s  official Instagram profile @shalajaswimwear.

Shaquoya Jackson-Ishman is just a girl from Columbus, Georgia who had an interest in fashion and a passion for swimwear. She took it upon herself to develop sketches of the pieces that she envisioned. Those sketches have transformed into Shalaja’ Swimwear, her designs have been featured in several fashion weeks in the south including Miami and Alabama. Shaquoya has a background in Mass Communications and the skills that she’s developed in the fashion arena are self-taught. The Shalaja’ brand was formed in 2011.

“My mission is to create all varieties and styles of swimwear, from small to plus size, to accommodate women of all shapes and sizes. From sexy styles, to simple styles, to wardrobe looking styles and everything in between. I want to have options and I want to have something for everyone! I want to make every woman feel comfortable and beautiful in a piece and I want to make it easy,” explains Shaquoya on the Shalaja’ Swimwear website.

Her latest edition is the 2015 spring/summer collection called “Reality Can Wait.” The lookbook for this collection contains models in monokinis, one and two piece stylish bathing suits, appearing relaxed and at ease as if time is on their side and they don’t have a care in the world. There are no computers around or any other distractions that we often experience on a daily basis. It’s just a woman, her bathing suit, space and opportunity.

-Jaya Franklin