Two Quality Pieces to Reinvent Your Wardrobe


By building a wardrobe full of uncomplicated, classic and timeless pieces not only will you always have something appropriate to wear but you also have the luxury of being able to cherry pick the trends that work for your style.

For example, these days I often only draw attention to current trends with accessories such as ties, lapel flowers, pocket squares, scarves and shoes. Ultimately, this concept of limiting the amount of pieces you purchase comes with two major advantages that will help anyone – beginner or seasoned menswear veteran  in the long run:

You can feel safe in the knowledge that nearly everything in your wardrobe is interchangeable, effectively meaning you could get ready in the dark and still look great. It enables you to invest and focus on quality. Obviously everyone’s price range will be different but opting for the best that you can afford makes financial sense when it comes to wardrobe basics you will continue to wear for years to come, no matter the season or latest trends.

Two “Quality”  Pieces To Reinvent Your Wardrobe

With the above in mind, we’re set to bring you a definitive start  that will help you build a all-around capsule wardrobe that is able to adapt to any occasion, scenario or season with ease.

White Dress Shirt

An absolute classic piece of menswear and a true wardrobe essential!

To achieve the perfect fit, the shoulder seams should sit at your shoulder bone and no more than two fingers should be able to fit inside your collar (when buttoned) without it being uncomfortable. Sleeves should end at the point where your natural wrist break occurs.

Slim Dark Jeans

When I say slim, I mean it. No skinny fits please.

Steer clear of extreme distressing, rips or any other form of embellishment and opt for dark blue/indigo washes.  Not only are they completely timeless and versatile, it’s easier to dress down a dark pair of jeans than it is to dress up a light one.

Yours in Transformative Truth,

Dr. Courtney A. Hammonds

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