Ferrari Sheppard: The Viral Truth

ferrari3People are often afraid of the truth because of the outcome, whether it be judgment or disappointment. Being honest with the world will make some either hate or love that truth-teller, but if the words being spoken mean something then a mark may be left on the listeners. “I secretly don’t care about people who don’t agree. It’s funny because if you’re making people upset or making them smile, you’re doing something,” Ferrari Sheppard told the digital media news network Digital Journal. This American Journalist and cultural critic is known for the uprightness he demonstrates on his Twitter page and on his website Stop Being Famous. Sheppard tweets things that people might be thinking, but are afraid to say. He speaks with the utmost honesty, which is what makes him stand out upon the rest.

“Blatant stares and mocking at Cairo airport again. This is an airport in Africa, one should expect to see people who look different,” Sheppard tweeted recently. And that’s just what he is: different. He has his opinions on everything ranging from politics to religion to anything that deals with society and why we are the way we are. It is very possible that his extreme personality was sparked by his upbringing. Sheppard was raised by a black Christian mother, so it was inevitable that the same values would be instilled into his life as well. He was so involved in his religion as a young boy, but as he grew older he began to question what/who he had been praying to all these years. His blind faith resulted in endless questions and incredible insight.

ferrari2The African-American man specializes his critiquing in several categories, one being minorities in the United States. Sheppard has experienced racism in his life and has been accused of being racist himself. In a conversation with Digital Journal, Sheppard related the Civil Rights Movement to society today; just one example of his unique way of thinking. He believes the once-called hippies are a goner as people don’t have all the peace and love that was once utilized. But Sheppard has love. He has love for what he does and the people who love him for that.

Sheppard is the founder of Stop Being Famous, a site made up of stories of music, news, culture and alternate perspectives on the universe. The title of his blog expresses his view of the world. He told a multimedia platform for personal style Stylelikeu, “The world is being pimped,” he said. “We have been programmed to believe that we are not the change by putting all of our body, mind and spirit into people who we don’t know but who are strategically placed onto giant billboards in order to own our minds. Even worse, why can an artist only survive these days by dealing with people who would privatize water?” More specifically, the title reflects the way Sheppard views people in society these days. He believes they are all abused. “To walk down the street every day and see a human being lying on the ground and to walk by them and go home and fix some tea?” he ponders on the subject. Through his blog, he is speaking out against and for everything he believes in.

ferrari1The Chicago-based journalist has an inevitable cyber presence and a growing fan base. People are oftentimes shocked at Sheppard’s level of honesty as it can be controversial. He shares on his blog the misconceptions that have developed about him because of his opinionated ways. “That I’m cantankerous, or unhappy. That I want to talk about conspiracies and politics all day. That I’m not a lover,” he said. Sheppard is far from these fallacies. In simplest terms, he is a deep thinker and lover of all things worldly.

-Kayla Rowe