Ayzer Yorgancioglu: A Turkish Touch

azy4As the daughter of a visual artist and a textile merchant, her designs are a byproduct of DNA just like her long dark hair, olive skin and dark brown eyes. The dresses she designs, reminiscent of her ethnicity and culture, mesh familiar western cuts and shapes with patterns and fabrics associated with the east. Her “Black and White” collection, showcased all over her twitter account, is just one example of the compelling contrasts that make up her designs: light and dark, short and long, free flowing and restricted. Though her fashion house, A.Y. Design, opened in 2014, her designs, sold on the internet, have been purchased by individuals worldwide including Germany, the US and Egypt. Based in Izmir, Turkey’s third most populated city, fashion designer Ayzer Yorgancioglu’s eye for design can be described as what happens when modern European dresses are crafted with the elegance and passion of feng shui.

“Some cousins of mine had a clothing atelier,” she told the International New York Times, describing her love for fashion even as a young child. “I would visit them after school and play there, and cut out and paste  patterns. In high school, I would visit the numerous clothing manufacturers in Izmir with my father and help design their clothes.” Though her love for fashion started early, Yorgancioglu did not attend fashion school. Instead, she studied American literature at Bilkent University, Turkey’s first private university. Whether or not she’s aware of it, her love for literature is evident in her designs. Not only does each dress seem to tell a story, but her dresses in general tell the story of her life, her passions, her aspirations and her culture.


From a quick glance at her social media accounts, Yorgancioglu has a special passion for bridal design. Despite the variety of wedding gowns displayed in her shop, each dress, especially those customized to fit the needs of her clients, makes the woman feel like Turkish royalty, something the young fashion designer has had to get to use to herself. Marrying her husband Doruk, Yorgancioglu joined one of the most prominent families in Izmir. Nevertheless, she’s remained humble and still continues to give back to the community as well as promote her designs. In fact, she recently hosted a regional workshop in collaboration with DOGO, a Turkish brand known for its brightly colored and uniquely patterned t-shirts, shoes and handbags. Not only did the workshop show attendees the basics of fashion design, but it was a chance for Yorgancioglu to connect with young women in the community, educating them about the world of fashion. She was also able to promote her dresses at the event. Her most notable marketing promotion event showcased her dresses in full feng shui as the wind beneath the beautifully colored dresses matched water after models jumped off a boat into a shallow pool of water. Never in any danger, the models, illustrating the literal “wind-water” meaning of feng shui, floated effortlessly as marine photographers captured the moment.


Ayzer Yorgancioglu’s dresses match the magic of Turkey–inspired by two continents, Asia and Europe. A fan of bright, bold colors and classic yet sophisticated cuts, her dresses have a European feel.  Created with lots of chiffon like material that’s long, free flowing, and often patterned with flowers or ethnic designs, her dresses also feel very much like products from the continent of Asia. A workaholic, she’s always on the go. Whether creating her next display for Miss Defne’s bridal collection or thinking up her next promotional campaign, Yorgancioglu is ready for action. But she’s just as devoted to enjoy times of inactivity. Passionate about family, she can always be seen with her son Doray, who models and her marketing guru husband. She’s also known for relaxing outside in her garden patio with a nice glass of white wine. The Turkish word for well done or bravo is “aferin.” Yorgancioglu deserves more than that. Perhaps the words “kolay gelsin” meaning may it come easy, or Görüşürüz, meaning see you later are better fitting. After all, the fashion designer has plans to make her designs more readily available in the US and worldwide. So yes, Mrs. Ayzer Yorgancioglu, see you later as you continue to pave your way to success.
-Sharita Gilmore