Heidi Silmane: Fashion Chronicles

hei4Known for his design of menswear skinny jeans, Heidi Slimane a fashion designer and photographer now works for Yves Saint Laurent, as the creative director. It was in the winter of 2001 when he participated in the fashion collection and debuted his fabric of “skinny” and foreshadowed his fashions that were still to come. Shortly after, he left to be the creative director of menswear at Christian Dior and became well-known by designing for people like Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston.

Before becoming the creative director of Yves Saint Laurent, Slimane took his first photograph at the tender age of eleven by learning darkroom picture printing. Slowly moving from photography, he found an interest in fashion without even realizing it. Slimane uses the music of his childhood to create fashions and photographs that resemble the seventies, causing him to reminisce about his early life. Honestly, anyone can see that his photography and his fashion go hand in hand. In an interview with William Meter, a journalist that occasionally writes for the “Wall Street Journal,” Slimane states, “Photography informs fashion and is somehow for me a step ahead of fashion.” Incorporating them both into his artistic style has granted him success in both fields of his talents.

hei1Eventually he decided to leave the company and return to his own fashion label and his photography.

At first, Slimane didn’t think of photography and fashion as one but now it seems that he has come to accept the two as “a form of interconnection.” When he stopped designing menswear in 2007, his focus turned towards his photography. In his photographs, he depicts the music world of Berlin and Los Angeles, which later turned to photographs of his fashion trends to show the world his art.


Slimane is a man that only uses black and white film for his fashion designs, something that is very rare, but I find it rather pleasant. Black and white films created in the fifties and sixties have always intrigued me in a sense of emotional depth, and Slimane’s photos provide me with this same type of feeling. His style may be somewhat distasteful when we look at the fact that most people in the 21st century enjoy colored enhanced photographs; yet, having a particular style that slightly detours from the rest is needed throughout the art industry, and this may be one reason why he holds the title of creative director at an established fashion company.

With fashion and photography embedded in his thoughts, Hedi Slimane is a man who has the potential to become one of the greatest artist in the industry.

-Te’Ron Adams