Tim Coppens: Emergence of Coppens

timc5Times are changing. Along with the times changing, different things are becoming more acceptable. In fashion, we see things ushered in and out of acceptance quite frequently. Jean shorts, jerseys, and jersey dresses have all come and gone over the course of the last decade. It still pains me to this day that Girbaud straps are no longer worn, I never thought that day would come.  However originality is always going to be in style. Luxury sportswear designer Tim Coppens’ fresh feel is a perfect example of that.

Tim Coppens is a Belgian designer who, prior to creating his own line, already managed to have an impressive résumé. Coppens graduated from The Royal Academy of Fine Arts in 1998. Soon after, he landed a job working for two of pop culture’s mainstays. That of course being Adidas an Ralph Lauren. Totally different styles, but the influence from each of his former jobs are pretty evident in his own clothing line.

timc4Coppens’ look is described by Style Magazine as, “impeccably tailored clothes with a sporty slant.” A look that combines and blends a few different styles, the Coppens line has a little bit of everything for people who dress sporty with some flare. Mixtures of different fabrics is one way he’s able to pull this off. Another is the futuristic look that is used in the many different designs.

The fusion of three types of fabric may raise some eyebrows at first, from some in the fashion world. But Tim Coppens’ ability to masterfully put together multi fabric articles of clothing is very possibly second to none. In addition to that, there are also other cultural influences in their designs, particularly Japanese. Coppens has brought out shirts with kimono collars, and knitted samurai hats.  He also has experimented with reintroducing goggles to the fashion scene. I am totally here for that.

Tim Coppens started out making menswear exclusively. Recently though, the decision to incorporate a women’s line was made official. Coppens told Vogue, “Some of my menswear pieces were picked up by girls before I started officially designing womenswear and stores have been showing strong interest in it…” He went on to say, “It’s an extension of the menswear and not completely different…”

Ultimately, Tim Coppens is making clothes that aren’t necessarily targeting a specific gender. It’s a different approach, but one he feels could end up being the new wave. “It’s exciting to see menswear changing. The customer is younger and more open,” he said later in the interview with Vogue.


Tim Coppens’ clothing can be found in some of the major clothing stores across the world. Mr. Porter and Barney’s in New York are two of the stores that are not only more familiar, but they were also two of the first to sell the line. Being sold in major stores from the jump is yet another testament to the quality of his work.

Things have gone really well rather quickly for Coppens and his brand. His brilliance and foresight for the future of fashion may have solidified his name and his brand in urban sports fashion. Personally, his brand holds a very special meaning. For years, there’s been a sudden disappearance of clothes that have left men of all nationalities hurt and confused. Finally, someone who’s in the industry that’s just as fed up with women “borrowing” our clothes, only to never return them. The game has been changed! Help put an end to this travesty, ladies. You’re better than this. Save our sweatpants! Start coppin’ the Coppens!

– Blake Holmes