Luke Diiorio: What’s in a Wall?

I usually use walls to hang art on, not normally to make art, but 32-year-old artist, Luke Diiorio, has a different perspective on what art is. His recent pieces and first solo exhibition called “Never Stop Improving” features many minimalist pieces that focus on materials like canvas, linen, and even common 2 x 8s that are usually used as a base for art instead of the piece itself. When I first looked through his first solo art collection called “Never Stop Improving,” a play on the popular Lowes slogan, I didn’t really get the purpose. I thought they were nice and I enjoyed looking at them, but I wasn’t blown away by what I saw. The art collection included pieces of folded neutral-colored fabric pulled over canvases. Not the greatest thing I’ve ever seen, not the worst, but he’s recently gotten a lot of attention in the art world so there must be something about his art that’s generating buzz. du3 Perhaps it’s the method to minimalism that is generating his popularity. In an article for the Interview Magazine, Diiorio claimed, “The eye has intelligence that goes further beyond our language. It's quick to the scene, so I respect that…That's why I have these [different] backings, because I know the eye can tell." He seems to puts a lot of faith the subconscious and works really hard to appeal to it. For some reason this quote about the eye stuck with me. Could the eye really understand something our brains couldn’t and was his art really appealing to that instinct? Was this the reason why I liked his pieces despite the fact that minimalism is not my favorite style? I wasn’t sure, but Diiorio’s educational background had me more inclined to believe him. 

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