Kidart: Watch Me Work

“Been coloring film.” That’s how he describes his work on Instagram and while you may or may not recognize his name, his artistry is all over the music industry. He’s worked with P. Diddy, Vinny Cha$e and Pusha T. He even freestyles and raps sometimes, but that’s only part of his passion. His real love is making the lyrics come alive. His real love is providing visual imagery that makes the song unforgettable. After all, he colors film, literally, figuratively and technically. Dedicated to his art, he further explained , “I spent a grip on lenses a stack on filters, couple bands on film and brick on lights.” You might have seen him rapping in a video, but he’s also the one behind the lens, directing and producing some of the industry’s hottest videos. Though you’ll probably never hear him say lights, camera, action, his music videos speak for themselves. His swag on and off the camera says it all: watch me work and whether you know it or not, you probably already have. After all, Kid Art was the director and producer that brought Diddy’s “Facts” video to life.

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