Eric Lacombe: Monstror

Eric Lacombe personifies death.

A childhood interest in decay and death created a lengthy career in art for the French graphic designer turned self-taught painter. His talent for drawing began at a young age before eventually losing interest, then taking up his old hobby after becoming a graphic designer. To the online community, Eric Lacombe is also known as "Monstror," meaning evil omen or monster in Latin. This artist represents intersectionality of death and silence through his infamous paintings of animal/human hybrids. Acrylic on canvas, ink on paper and oil pens are his weapons of choice. He focuses on the manifestation of the obliteration and the briefness of mortality through these various mediums. Lacombe's pieces are unconventionally ethereal. His paintings and sculptures focus on tortured entities while still maintaining light, airy characteristics. Lacombe's fascination with the juxtaposition of calamity and chaos with beautiful creations and peacefulness manifests itself in breathtaking portraits of desolation.

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