Pedro Lourenço: Designing for Tomorrow

Brazil is certainly a beautiful location.Crystal blue waters, a radiating sunset and an intense love for soccer is what popular culture tends to focus on when it comes to Brazil. Interestingly enough, Brazil also offers a very hip fashion scene. Take fashion designer and Sao Paulo native, Pedro Lourenço, for example. Even though he is just 24 years old, he already has demonstrated his work at Fashion Week and has collaborated with respected brands such as Nike, as well as Mac Cosmetics, who described him as having a “couture-like sensibility and meticulous attention to detail.”

Lourenço believes that Brazil isn’t particularly known for its fashion scene in the same way Paris or perhaps New York are known is a result of political issues within Brazil. “The big problem of Brazil is politic. There is a lack of investment and public education and also a lack of industrial support from the government for the fashion industry,” he told The Art of Making, a blog by Lagente, a company that gives advice and support to those involved in fashion. Despite Brazil’s politics, Lourenço had an entire collection at the age of 12 and presented it at the Sao Paulo Fashion Week in 2002. In 2010, at just 19 years old, he demonstrated his collection at Paris Fashion week, according to Business Fashion, an online source for those interested in fashion. When most teenagers are just trying to figure out what college they want to attend, Lourenço was revolutionizing the fashion industry in Brazil. This prodigy had some help in discovering his eye as a designer. His parents are the distinguished Brazilian designers Reinaldo Lourenço and Gloria Coelho. Creativity and a taste for impeccable clothing run in his family’s blood. When you look at any of Lourenço’s garments it is obvious that he keeps the family tradition of designing clothing alive and vibrant.

His work is truly something you have to see to believe. On his official website,, visitors are greeted with a video. The clip is divided into three panels. Each division shows a different angle of a model wearing one of Lourenço’s creation. It’s a good thing that he provides his fans with a panoramic view of each garment, because each angle of his garments are equally stunning. Each outfit, whether it be a dress or a pant, utilizes metallic fabrics that brilliantly shine when exposed to light. When it comes to Lourenço’s trousers, the first thing that catches your eye is his innovative use of zippers. Creatively, he positioned the zippers horizontally rather than vertically, which caused a wonderful contrast against the high- waisted and slim-fitting pants.

Lourenço is notorious for his dresses and skirts. Each garment has the ability to stand on its own, however, when paired together, it has a magical effect. One outfit that stood out to me in particular in his video montage is a fabulous golden top and silver pencil skirt that is gorgeously  bordered with thick black and has a classy yet suggestive slit. Geniously, Lourenço paired the form-fitting skirt with a loose sleeveless top that forms a  beautiful V-shape along a woman’s back. Lourenço charmingly incorporated a collar with the top. His approach is very geometric when it comes to the shape of each piece and how they form onto a woman’s body.The top even has a diamond pattern that almost resembles scales. Writer for, Alex Veblen, believes his patterns resemble the natural pattern found in pineapples and other fruit. When you add that element with the metallic coloring, a very stylish and futuristic result leaps out and demands your attention. Lourenço uses a technique called laser cutting to create his patterned effects, says He is able to marry natural details, such as the his neutral tones and patterns found in nature, with an abstractly industrial style.


Brazil is a unique location because it offers a very nature driven environment, but is also developed. As Lourenço told the New York Times, “For me it is normal to see urbanity like a jungle.” His outlook of Brazilian culture has created a wonderful and often contradictory mix. “Not only in São Paulo but people in Brazil in general are in touch with nature just as they are in touch with cement and helicopters and poverty. There is no clash too big to not exist in harmony,” he said in the same interview. His designs are certainly impacted by his Brazilian roots.“When you grew up in Brazil you understand more what a warm country needs, you are more in touch with sun and colors and you are familiar with the contrast between urban and natural life,” he said in an interview with The Art of Making. This unexpected pairing is what makes this extraordinary designer’s work so mesmerizing and radically unique.

When it comes to incredible design, immaculate attention to detail, genius execution, and ideas that will leave you wondering how someone could even have that level of talent to create such a look, Lourenço truly stands out amongst designers. It’s not everyday that you hear about someone his age creating such wonderful pieces of art and accomplishing such an extensive portfolio. You certainly need to check out Lourenço’s work, you surely won’t be disappointed. Each article of clothing is truly a work of art. When witnessing the models who showcase his collections, it is as if you are experiencing a three-dimensional art exhibit that is definitely ahead of its time.

-Samantha Miller