Tiffany Gouche: Sensual, Warm & Free

Her voice is unlike anything I’ve ever heard before. It’s deep and raspy like Tina Turner but seductive; gruff yet captivating, the way R&B music is supposed to be. Her low-toned alto voice ranges from a monotone croon to higher pitched runs with ease. Fused with both R&B and neo-soul vibes, her sound is like a musical lovechild gone wild. It’s hard to believe that her skills are  self-taught but as she’s quick to explain, her gift comes from above. “My gift is spiritually given, literally God poured music inside of me,” she told Essence magazine. Listening to her music confirms just that. Although she’s not singing the gospel music she grew up hearing, her heart and soul are more than transparent. Rooted in authenticity and inspired by love, it’s no wonder why her latest EP Pillow Talk has the music industry wondering who she is. But if you ask the singer, songwriter herself, she’d tell you Tiffany Gouche (pronounced Goo-SHAY), is just like the music she produces: sensual, warm and free.

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