Ryan Hewett: Portrait Innovations

His paintings are eerie, and complex in nature, the content seems to haunt your mind. With a semi-abstract style and thick layered paint, it creates rich contrasted hues. Ryan Hewett, a South African painter, breaks the boundaries of human’s distinguished features and rigid outlines. The faces in Hewett’s paintings carry a significant moodiness that is characterized by the large swirls of paint. That complex moodiness has captivated people from all over Europe and South Africa.

The South African artist started painting at the age of twenty two, and has painting for the last twelve years. He started with pencil drawings and has evolved, much like his paintings, into a well-known artist. Quite often his paintings are sold within days of opening. The painter's work has been displayed in various galleries around London and South Africa. In Arrested Motion, a platform that features different types of artists, Hewett described his elaborate work process:

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