Julia Michaels: Behind the Scenes

Songwriters have long been the driving force behind the music industry. Their creativity, motivation and desire to be completely vulnerable shapes songs on the music charts that range from top 40 to Alternative. Songwriters are the foundation of the music industry. Their tireless efforts are usually unrecognized in favor of the performers. However, singer-songwriters are not  easily overshadowed, they are a part of a the package deal.. Rising singer-songwriter Julia Michaels exemplifies both characteristics with the rise of her hit single “Issues.” She finally stepped from behind the scenes after years of writing for other artists to show the world her beautiful voice. The songstress was born in a small town in Iowa before moving to Santa Clarita, California when she was six years old. Michaels, originally named Julia Carin Cavazos, is of Mexican-Puerto Rican background. Her father changed his name to John Michaels at the advice of a casting agent when he pursued his acting career in the early 90s. She kept the surname Michaels as a stage name.  

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