Saloni: Ready-To-Wear Flair

To all my ladies in the place with style and grace, here’s a fashion brand that you must have! If it is not in your closet it most definitely should be. Saloni is a London-based fashion label that is making a bold statement with its Bohemian-chic swagger,  making celebrities, like Jessica Alba, and the wife of the British Prime Minister, Samantha Cameron, look fabulous! Saloni Made its fashion debut in 2011. The brand was birthed from Indian fashion designer, Saloni Lodha. Lodha combined her love of modern fashion with traditional Indian flair, using bold prints, draping silhouettes and bright colors, to create a womenswear line that speaks to class and comfortability. "I always keep in mind my Indian heritage while designing but don’t translate it literally into our clothes. I think the way we as a brand celebrate bold colors and patterns is our way of bringing the spirit of India into the collections,” says Lodha.

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